Foreign Citizens Support

High Quality Translation

Your document will be translated manually by our linguists. Those files will be processed at least 4 times: preprocessing, translation, proofreading, typesetting by our native experts. 100% of them are Chinese.
Chinese <----> Turkish

Medical Insurance

Whether you are a national relocating for your job or an expatriate moving to or traveling in Turkey, your time abroad will be much more enjoyable with the security of reliable medical insurance.

Legal advice

If you have a problem and need legal advice to resolve it, you may be able to get help from us about a legal advisor or a lawyer or an organization which specialist in your problem.

Rental Car & House

If you want to make a nice trip with luxury, economy, or family rental cars with drivers, if you want have a temporary comfortable house, you can be sure that we can help you to make car or house rental and reservation transactions easily and safely with the best rental prices.

Buying Car & House

Our experienced team has been providing advice to foreigners and helping them to buy cars and the property of their dreams in Turkey. Whether you are looking for a car you needed, whether you are looking for a cheap bargain property for sale or a luxury dream home, WE CAN HELP YOU.

Establishing companies

we can help you establish your company in Turkey by registering with the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Registry Directorate, as well as completing all the official documents.The registration process doesn’t take longer than a week.